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Pop-Up Office Trends

Pop-Up Office
Pop-office trends are on the rise and for a good reason. Today’s workforce is remote and setting up a functional pop-office can be tricky. Hopefully these trends will help you in your quest for that perfect pop-office.

Armoire Magic

An armoire can be a perfect solution for a pop-up work station (providing you don’t turn it into a storage closet). Today’s Armoire’s come with many options that match with your type of ‘work from home’ lifestyle.




The Vanishing Workspace

If space is an issue and using a larger is something you must do then choose a style that is less conspicous and flows with the rest of your decor. The vanishing style works well for those who can easily put away their laptops that aren’t attached to screens or printers.

Study Nooks — Adore Home Magazine


Reimagined Closet

This has been one of the biggest trends for the remote work force and one of my favorite concepts. It doesn’t take away from the design and function of the house and really allows you to free up that extra room or space you didn’t have.

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Conventional Understairs Design | Under stairs cupboard, Office under stairs, Staircase storage

Built-In Storage And A Small Home Office Were Created Under The Stairs

Privacy Screen

In an open space, consider closing off one section using a stylish privacy screen or curtain. This can help tuck away an office space and add more privacy from the main living quarters.

Homework Zone

Transform a long hallway into a work zone for the children. Bring in a long table and stools to show off extra workspace or convert that bunk bed into a crafty little homework space.

9 Awesome homework station ideas for every size house – SheKnows

Get Creative

There’s a lot of options for picking colors, layouts, furniture and more. Play around with different concepts that fit your lifestyle and one that doesn’t break the bank. In our other blog post, we cover some great paint ideas for neutralizing your interior.
Have Fun!